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I had a great time yesterday sharing information about curating photos with the wonderful women of the Women Business Owners Alliance (WBOA), but I didn't have time to get to everything (of course). We didn't even talk about the fun ways you can manipulate photos using just a smart phone. I promised I would share some of my favorite iPhone apps.  I checked, and all except TangledFX are also available for Android.  And these are just the ones I happened to find. What are your favorites? 

Enjoy the slideshows.

Fun With Filters

The slideshow below shows how you can make photos brighter, darker, grittier, black & white, sepia, or retro by using filters in apps such as PicStitch, Snapseed, and InstaCollage or on photo social media sites like Instagram or My365. You can make the same photo look completely different and totally change its "feel". SO fun!

Creative Collages & Fancy Frames

You can add text, pretty frames and text, too. The frame around the funny-looking old couple is actually one of my photographs made into a frame.  
Fun, huh?

Funky Effects and Soft Focus

These are the BEST!  You can turn your photos into pencil or crayon sketches, gouache or watercolor paintings, engravings and more with SketchGuru. TangledFX can make them look like wood carvings, etchings, or just plain wild. ColorSplash allows you to turn the photo grayscale and then add color back into just the main subject. And you can soften the focus around the edges with lots of different apps including PicStitch and SnapSeed. (BTW, that was the sweet old lady's 102nd birthday - that's why there were two candles).  
All photos by Joyce Genet.
You probably haven't heard that word in a long time, but I just did a bunch of research on curating photos to prepare to lead multiple short (very short) roundtable talks at the Women's Business Owner's Association of the Pioneer Valley (WBOA).  I had way more information than I could possibly present in 10 minutes, even after the practice I had by the third time around, so I wanted to share the wealth.  Sure I know, you could just Google it the way I did, but sometimes it's hard to wade through all that shtuff.  It's nice when someone just shows us where to look. I didn't reinvent the wheel and you don't need to either.  So, here's some good articles to help you figure out the best ways to organize and share the multitude of digital photos in your collection. 

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